Fleet Card Processing


Customers are asking to use Wright Express and Voyager. Now what do I do?

Financial Transaction Services offers processing of Wright Express and Voyager Fleet Cards.It’s about time that independent gas stations, convenience stores and auto care companies take advantage of the additional revenue you’ll bring in from Fleet Card Processing. We give you the ability to accept these fleet cards using your using your terminals or pay at the pump system.

Solutions overview

Fleet Charge Cards

Want to Drive Commercial Traffic to Your Sites?
Accept Wright Express Cards

Leading provider of fleet charge cards and information services for car, van and truck fleets throughout the U.S., the Wright Express (WEX) Fleet Card is accepted at more than 150,000 locations nationwide.

Wright Express brings business to you making your job easier.

How do we do that?

• Wright Express eliminates timely and costly handling of account receivables
• We provide payments directly to your bank account, no more paper checks
• Electronic card processing means no more paperwork or manual billing
• Wright Express charges NO setup or application fees to our Merchants
• Your site(s) will be included in our FREE Wright Express National Merchant Site Directory

Wright Express allows your business to build strong loyalty with commercial fleet accounts. What that means to your business is long-term business relationships. Take advantage of a sure way to build the commercial fleet side of your operation!

Reference: Wright Express. (2011). Accept the Wright Express Card: Program Overview from http://www.wrightexpress.com/Accept/index.html

Voyager Fleet CardsU.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Cards

The Voyager Fleet Card program offers extensive fleet solutions for your fuel and maintenance needs. The Voyager Fleet Card is the fastest growing universal fuel and maintenance fleet card in the industry designed around your need for a single-source provider for all card issuance, billing, payment and customer service.Fleet Card Processing

Although there are several issuers of fleet cards, the Voyager and Wright Express (WEX) brands comprise at least 90% of fleet card usage. Voyager currently has 1.4 million fleet cards in circulation with approximately 200,000 merchant locations accepting them. What this means to your business is simple: with the ability to process these cards, you open up additional sources of revenue that were previously unavailable.

Financial Transaction Services is committed to providing you with exceptional service. Customer and technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer assistance whenever it is needed. Our credit card processing service will help your business reach a higher level. Start accepting credit cards today and watch your business grow.

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  • Drive traffic to your store.
  • Advertised in Wex and Voyager directories.
  • Fleets of vehicles using your station.