GSA  Smartpay  

If your company sells goods and services to government agencies, you may have heard of the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative.  As an Approved GSA Vendor, we can educate you on the ways that you can lower your costs and help offset your Industrial Funding Fee.

Purchase Card

Purchasing Cards use is now on the rise in the public sector.  When accepting payment from another business entity, supplying the correct information can Increase Cashflow, Reduce Costs and Improve the Order Process.


Enterprise Software

Allow us to help you off a complete Gateway Solution to all of your ERP Clients.  We are certified on all the popular gateways, and have the expertise to make the set-up seamless for your customers.


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Featured Services


GSA SmartPay Acceptance

As an Approved GSA Vendor, our company can educate you on the nuances of accepting the GSA SmartPay Cards.  We can perform a Free Business Needs Analysis to confirm that your company is passing the correct Level 3 Processing data, as well as, taking the appropriate steps to maintain a PCI Compliant enviroment.


Interchange Optimization

Having the ability or the know how to enter the proper data when running a transaction is key to getting to the lowest available costs. Are you entering all the required data? Are you qualifying for the lowest interchange rates?


Business Needs Analysis

With our in-depth knowledge of payment processing, FTS of W. Pa. is positioned to determine your current costs of doing business.  We do a complete analysis to help educate your company, increase your profit and efficiency while reducing your costs and exposure.